‘Buying The Big Jets’ Reviews and Endorsements

'Buying The Big Jets is a well-written, comprehensive guide to the essentials to fleet planning and a joy to read. In an engaging manner, Paul Clark clearly describes a process that he has helped us successfully use for our airline clients. For readers at all levels this book will become a trusted and invaluable resource.'

- Martin Braun, Assistant Director, IATA Consulting

'Earlier editions of Buying The Big Jets have been educating numerous Chinese aviation participants and reshaping the industry. Updated with latest developments and the author's in-depth observations, the third edition reflects the evolving dynamics of the aircraft business. It is a great work that will certainly continue to inspire its readers.'

- Yong Qui, Managing Director, Three Oaks Aviation Consultancy Ltd

'It truly is the gold-standard text book for fleet planners.'

- Ken Bright, Head of Fleet and Network Profitability, Airbus

'The author writes with authority and, crucially, clarity. Highly readable; a thorough overview; recommended.'

- Flight International magazine, Straight and Level column

"Buying The Big Jets" has succeeded in bringing together the many factors that influence the aircraft purchasing process... a useful tool to broaden the knowledge of specialists... a good balance has been achieved between breadth and depth.

- The Aerospace Professional

‘Buying The Big Jets is a comprehensive reference book for anyone with an interest in understanding how to go about selecting aircraft products and fleet planning. Paul Clark takes a methodological approach to explaining the process of fleet planning.’

- Dr Fariba Alamdari, Vice President Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplacecs

‘Unlike numerous other academic studies of airline practices, Paul Clark has created a practical, concise and understandable book that reflects the issues and methods used by real airlines to evaluate aircraft purchases. It is an excellent addition to any reference library for engineers and MBAs alike.’

- David Anvid, Aircraft Performance and Operational Engineer, Aerofed Associates

'What aircraft type to buy, how many, when and how, are the most critical investment decisions any airline makes. Paul Clark's book, well-structured and peppered with case studies, brings the whole complex process of fleet planning to life. This is a unique must-read book for anyone who wants to understand the airline industry.'

- Professor Rigas Doganis, Consultant and former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Olympic Airways

'This book was invaluable when I led fleet planning at British Airways. I think it is essential reading for anyone studying air transport management. The third edition has comprehensive updates and important additions, particularly the perspective of the manufacturers.'

- Richard M Wyatt, Former head of fleet planning, British Airways

'Selecting the right aircraft for an airline is a hugely complex task. Paul Clark does a brilliant job in breaking down the complexity and laying out the foundations for greater and deeper journeys into the fascinating worlds of fleet planning.'

- Rogerio Leao, Vice President Fleet Planning and Research, Emirates Airline

'Buying The Big Jets is my personal guide to fleet planning and airline economics. It is insightful and self-explanatory with a wealth of case studies and examples drawn from the author's vast industry experience. A must-read!'

- Cesar Souto Pereira, Head of Consulting, Embraer Commercial Aviation

'Buying The Big Jets has become over time an essential reading for any aviation professional involved in aircraft selection. It is a unique and comprehensive review of the underlying forces behind the always complex but exciting fleet planning process'

- Roberto Garcia Mayoral, Fleet Planning Manager, Iberia

'A concise and informative must-read for anyone dealing with fleet planning and aircraft procurement.'

- Olof Nittinger, Senior Manager, Aircraft Evaluation and Projects, Lufthansa

'Paul Clark's Buying The Big Jets has been the most authoritative book on airline fleet planning for many years. This new third edition is more comprehensive and updated; a 'must-read' for everyone in the aviation industry.'

- Dr Zheng Lei, Director, Centre for Aviation Research, University of Surrey, UK