Buying the Big Jets – Live!

Buying The Big Jets – Live! is a four or five day in-company teaching programme based around the book of the same name. The course addresses the activities and range of actions needed to conduct an effective evaluation of aircraft types.

If you are involved in network or fleet planning within an airline, or if you are a consultant, analyst, aircraft appraiser, leasing company, financial institution or student of air transport, you will find this course of value. As with any Through The Looking Glass programme, the content and course length can be customised to an organisation’s requirements. (The above image is courtesy of PACE).

The course is closely based on the third edition of Paul’s book, Buying The Big Jets. This is the only text book that covers the subject of fleet planning. The book is essential reading for fleet planners and anyone with an interest in understanding the complex and challenging world of aircraft evaluation.

What is the course format?

Buying The Big Jets – Live! consists of a blend of formal teaching sessions and hands-on workshops. Participants have plenty of opportunities to try their hand at analysing markets, building a capacity model, defining the aircraft cabin, and working with aircraft economic comparisons.

What skills can I develop and improve upon?

  • How the major aircraft manufacturers compete
  • How to define an appropriate methodology and process
  • How to select the correct analytical tools to compare aircraft
  • How to develop an understanding of market behaviour
  • How to conduct a macro and micro fleet plan
  • How to compile aircraft evaluation and ground rules documentation
  • How to collect and interpret the right data
  • How to effectively present information to decision makers

How would I benefit from Buying The Big Jets – Live!

You will learn the full process of how aircraft are evaluated. You will update your understanding of the manufacturer product strategies. You will be exposed to modelling techniques used by fleet planners for both small and large networks. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills in presenting a fleet plan to an audience.

A sample schedule for Buying The Big Jets – Live!

The example below is based on a five day programme, but the programme length and content can be customised for specific needs. Through The Looking Glass has partnered with PACE, who have granted access to their Pacelab Cabin software for the purposes of the programme.

  • The basics of fleet planning
  • Aircraft manufacturer product strategies
  • Managing a fleet planning project and dealing with people and process
  • Modelling demand spill and market segmentation
  • WORKSHOP on building a spill model
  • Network analysis, including demand allocation techniques and market share modelling
  • WORKSHOP on building a macro fleet model
  • Aircraft definition including weights, payload and cabin
  • Performance analysis
  • Economic analysis, including cost and revenue modelling
  • Defining the Aircraft Evaluation Ground Rules (AEGR)
  • WORKSHOP on Air Ballistic
  • Defining the aircraft cabin
  • Economic valuation, commonality, network shape
  • WORKSHOP on Air Ballistic
  • Investment appraisal in fleet planning
  • WORKSHOP on Air Ballistic (rehearsals and final presentations
  • Wrap-up discussion on the future of fleet planning

The teaching method was well-organised and we were encouraged to participate. The materials were very helpful and the way Paul conducted the classes made it very interesting.

- Post-graduate student, University of Surrey

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