Do you have what it takes to run an airline? You can test your skills by playing our in-company airline business simulation game. SkyChess is played in a ‘live’ environment and challenges your ability to survive in a competitive airline market. It is team-oriented, addictive and great fun to play.


What is the game format?

The usual SkyChess format comprises three teams of around seven participants, each representing a fictional airline. Teams must make a set of operational, financial and commercial decisions for their airline, valid for a three-month period. These inputs are fed into the SkyChess software in order to generate a set of outputs. These are analysed by the teams who then submit a further set of decisions. A typical game would consist of eight rounds of decisions, representing a period of two years.

What skills can I develop and improve upon?

  • How an airline functions in a highly competitive market
  • How to think strategically and tactically….at the same time
  • How to organise workload efficiently
  • How to negotiate effectively
  • How your results may depend upon competitor actions
  • How to be flexible, when the occasion demands
  • How creativity can help overcome obstacles
  • How to become an effective communicator

How would I benefit from SkyChess ?

You will be able to develop your understanding of the critical moving parts of an airline in just a couple of days. You will gain insight into the cut-and-thrust world of airline operational decision-making. You can test your ability to manage a complex business. Should it all go wrong, don’t worry, you do not have to answer to your boss. After all, we are playing a simulation!

Levels of SkyChess

There are three basic levels, but we can customise a SkyChess programme for a corporate client.

Suitable for players with no previous experience of network and capacity planning. The Club Level comprises a more limited number of three-monthly Quarterly periods for play. Some functionality concerning marketing investment opportunities will be limited, and there is reduced opportunity for contract negotiation. As an option, some teaching sessions on airline economics and operation may be included. This Level would be ideal as a team-building activity for organisations outside of aviation. The Club Level is a ‘taster’ version of SkyChess.

This format is suitable for players with some understanding of airline operation and strategy. The International Master Level comprises a full two-year period of play, and full functionality. There are opportunities for specific discussion sessions on the analytical processes governing airline economics.

This version of SkyChess has full functionality and will appeal to those looking for an immersive experience. At this level, participants will have the opportunity of exploring key facets of airline economics and operation in more detail. Players will also engage in additional workshop activities that may be customised.

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Before you start to play SkyChess you will be invited to watch a short video that will give you an overview of what to expect and how to fill in the decision forms. On the first day of the SkyChess programme we will brief you more fully. You will find yourself being thrown in at the deep end but don’t worry, we will be on hand at every stage to provide guidance.

SkyChess is an amazing way to know how professionals think, analyse the market, act due to an unexpected situation, and see the results.

- Planning Coordinator, Network Planning, Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras

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