Stormy Skies

Airlines In Crisis

As the airline industry struggles to extricate itself from its latest crisis, the time has come to examine the fundamentals of airline business strategy in a more innovative way and find answers to the questions, "What went wrong?" and "Why didn't we see it coming?".

Author Paul Clark
Format Hardback
Publisher Ashgate
Edition 1st Edition
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The airline industry is currently in good shape. But that has not always been the case. What lessons can the industry learn from previous crises, and will airlines be better prepared for the next downturn? Stormy Skies examines the fundamentals of airline business strategy and the kind of events that lead up to crisis. The book captures the key factors that determine a viable airline industry in an increasingly globalised world and calls for more radical business thinking to ensure that mistakes are avoided in future. It looks at the airline business through the eyes of both the airlines themselves and also their customers, drawing upon the experience and views of industry personalities.