19th October 2017

The SkyChess Experience

Judith Clark

SkyChess negotiator and game assistant.

The SkyChess experience encourages team building and communication skills. Paul and I have had almost forty years to become an effective team. Fortunately it does not require forty years to become adept at playing SkyChess.

The game brings people together very quickly and forms strong teams who rapidly become involved in the learning process. Recently we ran a game for a new set of players. We were warned that they would require a break after an hour. This didn’t quite fit into what we had prepared, but we were willing to be adaptable. Several hours into the game the three teams were so deeply involved in their decision-making process no-one had noticed the time go by.


Before SkyChess can be played a certain amount of information must be shared with each team. At first it can seem quite daunting as there are so many things to remember. However, experience shows that after the first set of decisions have been made each team easily grasps what has to be done and they can then concentrate on running their ‘airline’. Communication between team members is vital. It is up to the CEO to delegate tasks and  make sure everyone effectively shares information within the team. This is not a game where individuals can try to ‘take over’ – if a group does not work as a team they will stand no chance of winning.


Though we talk of SkyChess as a game it is actually a serious training tool. SkyChess gives players an overview of how the airline industry works. It highlights some of the many problems that airlines have to face on a day-to-day basis. You do not need any airline experience to play SkyChess and the game format makes it universally appealing. Teams are often so caught up in the experience that outsiders have mistaken the three fictitious airlines for genuine companies as they listen to the groups talk about their different decisions and strategies.

SkyChess Community

Watching different groups come together in their teams is always enjoyable. Listening to them communicate their ideas can be an education. Teams are always surprising us and testing SkyChess to its limits. Their creativity is amazing and every time the game is played the SkyChess community grows – why not think about becoming a part of the SkyChess experience?